Again Facebook Data Leak: Zuckerberg also Victim of Hacking

Again Facebook data leak? Facebook is going to have a very bad time. Again, hackers attacked Facebook network and five crores user data has been snatched by cyber criminals.

On Friday the Facebook authorities acknowledged this. Facebook says that miscreants could access the Facebook account associated with the data captured. But the action has already been taken to prevent it.

According to Facebook authorities, CNN has reported that attacks on Facebook security system have been identified earlier this week. In this, around five crores users data has been stooled. Earlier in April, Facebook had faced criticism of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Now, again Facebook data leak scandal.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and its chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg’s account have also been damaged, a Facebook spokesman said.

On Friday, Facebook said that hackers have stolen digital tokens. By which the data of five crores users was lost, which is the worst violation of Facebook’s security. For this reason, again Facebook data leak.

Reuters said, Facebook authorities have already taken measures to stop the possibility of miscreants entering the accounts of those users. The law enforcers were also informed about this again Facebook data leak matter.

It was not known who attacked Facebook network. For security reason, there are nine crores Facebook users has already forced to log out from their account. Facebook authorities said that if attackers have misused any account information or have stolen personal information, they could not fix it yet. It has not yet disclosed the information about attackers or users of which country are mostly affected. However, Facebook initial investigation revealed that it was a major attack.

Reuters said, using Facebook ‘View As’ feature, miscreants have taken the task of handling data. For now, the ‘View As’ feature has been blocked. Facebook authorities said that they have reset the token of five crore accounts.

On Friday afternoon, Facebook shares fell 3 percent in the Wall Street stock index after the news of again Facebook data leak.

At the beginning of this year, UK election consultant firm Cambridge Analytica have been accused of using political information about 870 million users from Facebook to use it for political purposes. Facebook has to face a lot of criticism around the world. Since the hashtag delete Facebook campaign has started around the world.

Facebook security errors that have been detected by which hackers have the ability to control the account of five crores users. Security error in Facebook was from July 2017. But it was caught on Tuesday. Facebook authorities can get incompatible with the sudden increase in the use of Facebook ‘View As’ Feature.

View As allows users to verify the privacy settings, through which user can control how they appear to others. Justin Fayer, Director of Cyber ​​Security company Darktrace said, “The impact of this event is huge.”

Guy Rosen, Vice President of the Security Department of Facebook, mentioned the security issue as complicated. He said the incident happened due to three special software errors. Facebook says they shut down it on Thursday after identifying the error. They inform the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security and Congress, the Ireland’s Data Protection Commission. Facebook European regions head quarter is situated in Ireland.

The Irish authorities expressed concern over the incident, Facebook authorities could not explain the type of hack and user risks.

On Friday, two Facebook users filed a lawsuit against Facebook for again Facebook data leak scandal in a California court. About six thousand users have complained about it on Zuckerberg Facebook page.

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