AI: When Future is Dependent Only on Artificial Intelligence

Although we know AI is very much harmful for our near feature. But it has so many contribution for human civilization. Day by day our regular routine is depending on AI.Google’s IO and Microsoft Build Developer Conference with Developers held last week.

Technology lovers have eyes in both the conferences, because the announcement of new opportunities comes from here. And the rumor began a long time ago.

Google IO program was held from May 8 to May 10 in California, USA. And Microsoft’s Developer Conference Build 2018 was held from May 7 to May 9 in Seattle, USA. There were one similarities in the announcement of the Chief Executive Officer of the two organizations at two conferences.
Both of them insisted on AI. And the new announcements that have been announced at the two conferences with this technology will be here.

Google IO:

Google Duplex:

Google’s Assistant will be able to schedule an appointment for any service for user. Which is one of the magic of AI. Google Assistant which also known as Google Duplex automatically calls at the scheduled time. And the type of talking style is as like as human.

Gmail Smart Compose:

By using machine learning technology of AI, Gmail will suggest how the next word would be that means word suggestions. Thus, whole sentence will also suggest by Smart Compose.

Google News:

The Google News app is improving for quality news so that it gets importance. The top five news will be show briefly. And the priority will be gone to local news.

New Android is Coming:

Smartphone’s new operating system Android ‘P’ was shown. For saving battery life, with the use of artificial intelligence as well as easy navigation method, the advantage of ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is added to the operating system.

Use of Computer Vision will be Increased:

Google has introduced a new computer vision technology to provide Augmented Realty experience in Google Maps which is somewhat like AI.

Microsoft Build:

Phone Synchronize with Windows:

An app called ‘Your Phone’ has been shown by Microsoft. It allows iPhone and Android-based smartphones to be easily synchronized with Windows. By using this app, sending messages, viewing photos, and viewing your smartphone notifications in computer can be done. It also contribution of AI.

Alexa and Cortana will work together:

In the near future, Amazon’s smart speaker ‘Echo’ will be able to interact with Microsoft’s digital assistant ‘Cortana’ or with the Amazon digital assistant Alexa from Windows-powered computer. These AI samples were also shown at the conference.

IOS and Android timeline:

Microsoft has introduced timeline facility in Windows 10 update. Which software’s used by the user, timeline will show it according to the order of time. View the usage history of the app can be get back to the previous task. Microsoft also brings the advantage of the app to iOS and Android.

Good news for developers:

Developers will get more money for app sales in the Windows Store. In other app stores where, 30 percent of the money was cut, Microsoft has been told to charge 5 percent of the total money. Although this rule is for the selected developers, the company plans to reduce its charges in the Windows Store, rather than the other app store.

Strong Tab:

Microsoft has been announced that there will be major changes in the next version of windows.Instead of showing an app in one window, you can use multiple windows. There you can keep tabs for different apps. This will make task management easier.

Source: The Verge, BBC

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