Amazon Has Join in Trillion Dollar Valuation Club After Apple

The e-commerce provider Amazon, has reached the height of a trillion dollar ($ 1 trillion US dollars) stock market value as the second US company. The company touched this milestone on Tuesday. Last month American tech giant Apple was entered that milestone as a first company.

The financial value of this company is about Tk 84 lakh crore in Bangladeshi money; Which is almost equal to the budget of more than 20 financial years in Bangladesh.

On Tuesday night, Reuters reported that the world’s largest online retailer was worth 1.4 percent to $ 2,041.68. When this price increased to $ 2,050.26, the company touched the milestone of one trillion dollars.

Amazon shares worth 1 thousand dollars on Oct 27, 2017 After 10 months, on August 30, the share price doubled to $ 2,000. The company’s share price was $ 100 on October 23, 2009.

US electronic trading company Amazon. Its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It is an internet based retailer company. Its founder is Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos was become first among world richest man in July 2017. First started the online bookshop as Afterwards it starts selling DVD, VHS, CD, video and MP3s download/streaming software, video games, electronics, clothing, furniture, food and toys. Now retail products are bought from almost all over the world through Amazon.

Earlier, in the first week of last month, the technology company Apple’s financial value stood at $ 1 trillion. The world’s first public company’s financial value reaches one trillion dollars.

Apple or Apple Inc is the United States Private Computer, Computer Parts and Software Manufacturers. The company has become more familiar with creating Macintosh computers. Modern computer of Apple includes iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook. In addition, the company has made iPhone, iPad and iPod through its own operating system iOS.

Amazon has still so many opportunities to growth its business. If they do so, their race will be with Google and Microsoft. Their web services still rapidly growing. Still Amazon web services don’t start in so many countries. If it will start in rest of the countries over the world, their profit level just non imaginable.

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