Android 9.0 Pie Review: New Features and Updates

Google has recently brought the latest version of the Android operating system Android 9.0 also called Android Pie to the market. On August 6, Google announced a new version of Android.

This is the ninth version of Android. Previous version was Oreo. In Android 9.0 Pie, Google has brought some special changes.

Google has always chosen dessert or chocolate name for their Android OS. And they also follow another sequence, and that is the first letter of the name being named in alphabetical order. Example: Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie. It was decided to take something easy for naming. The head of the Google London engineering team said the name was chosen only for keeping the name simple.

In the ninth version of Android, the notification has been improved more than ever before and Google has promised to keep the battery charged for a long time. The new version has brought new ways of identifying how much apps are used in smartphones or tablets. At the same time there is a scope for determining the limitation of the use of these levels.

Some important updates on Android 9.0:

Update Notification: Notification alert has been given importance in Android 9.0 Pie version. Pictures will be shown with any alerts. As an example: for calling notification a small picture of caller will shown with notification. If any content is shared, its preview will appear with notification Alert. In addition, through the Smart Replay feature, users will be able to reply to the message they receive from notifications. Users can send expected replies without typing.

Accessibility menu: The new accessibility menu is added to the Android 9.0 Pie. Screenshots and navigating systems have been made easier for the disabled People.

Select to Speak: Including Optical Character Recognition Feature with Select to Speak Feature has been added in Android 9.0 Pie. As a result, the picture or text taken by the camera will automatically be spoken.

Sound Amplifiers: Through this feature If there is a loud noise while talking to someone, the person on the other side will be able to listen clearly. That means this feature will help eliminate excessive noise.

Battery Saver: The battery saver feature is not new on Android. Through this feature mobile charges will be long lasting. As always, there will be more updated features of battery saver in the Android 9.0 Pie version.

Adaptive battery: Adaptive battery feature utilizes artificial intelligence in Android 9.0 Pie. That means, this feature can track user’s movement and can predict in next hour which app you user or which is not. It also increases the stability of your battery.

Adaptive Brightness: This feature can track movement of light. As a result, knowing the amount of light your environment requires, the same amount of light increases or decreases in the environment.

Background Restrictions: This feature will help you to control the apps which are battery charge consuming.

Multi Camera Support: This feature has been added to the Android 9.0 version. By this you can use multiple cameras.

App Dashboard: This feature will inform you how much time you spend on your smartphone, how many hours you spend on an app and how much notification comes in a day.

App actions: App action is one of the important features of the Android 9.0 Pie version. This feature will guess users next task on their smartphones. For example, to call a specific contact, open a fixed note or play a favorite song. After predict this, the feature will show in a corner of the screen. The user can easily do the job with by a single tap without wasting time.

Multiple Bluetooth Connections: In Android 9.0 version five devices can be connected via Bluetooth with this feature.

The new version also includes Do Not Disturb, Wind Down, App Timers, Display Cutout, Edge to Edge Screens, Multiple Users on Dedicated Device, Work Tab in Launcher, Sound Delay Reporting, Bluetooth Volume Memory, HDR, HD Audio, HEIF. Android 9.0 also has slices feature which will bring some information about that app without launching your app. As like as iPhone, in Android 9.0 you can see the list of recent apps by sliding it.

However, currently this new version of android 9.0 Pie will be available only on Google Pixel phones. Meanwhile Google is handling issues related to Pie update. According to Google information, only 12 percent of the Android devices currently used the latest Android Oreo version.

Source: The Verge

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