Apple has Offer to bring 13 new emoji for the Disabled

Apple has offered to bring some new emoji for the disabled people. iOS users will able to use these emoji very soon. New emojis are like hearing aids adjusting with an ear, a man sitting in a wheelchair, fake hand, service dog, and more.

CNN, Zee News, and some media reports, Considering the people with disabilities, the new 13 emoji has proposed the US technology company Apple. New emoji includes hearing aids, A man who use stick or wheelchair, guide dogs and artificial limbs. Apple is trying to bring emoji to mean hearing aids, guides are physical obstacles. The company has already submitted an application to the Unicode Consortium for new emojis. Unicode Consortium is an emoji creator company. “It should important to stand beside disabled people”- from this concept Apple is proposing to bring 13 Emoji. New emoji will be available in emoji panel from next year.

Apple has told about the application to the Unicode Consortium, “Apple requested to add new emoji to better serve the disabled. Currently there are a lot of options in emoji. Those are not enough helpful for people with disabilities.”

According to Apple the important fact about adding these emoji- “Around the world, one in seven people has various form of incapability, that can be a physical incapability, involving vision, hearing, or losing of physical moving skills, or a more hidden, unknown disability.”

Apple has said that this emoji is just beginning. In future, more accessibility emoji are in processing.

Unicode Technical Committee will investigate these emoji in the next month (April 2018). Some customers of the short list will be given emoji version 12.0 in the first half of 2019. If Unicode Technical Committee approved those emoji. The committee will finish verifying the emojis in the second half of the year. Approved emojis will be available on the main mobile platforms.

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