Blue light of Smartphones or Laptop Can Cause of Blindness

Blue light coming from any digital device such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops may damage users eyes. A new study finds and information that it can cause macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration is an eye disease which has no remedy. For this disease, when people average age will 50 to 60 years, significantly reduced eye vision. As a result of this disease, retinal photoreceptor cells totally damage. After detection of light, this photoreceptor is useful to send the signal to the brain. Actually, blue ray damages our photoreceptor cells.

In a study, conducted by a researcher of Indian origin, shows that blue ray produces toxic chemicals in the retina that cause toxic chemicals in photoreceptor cells.

Ajit Karunarathne, assistant professor of the University of Tulida, Ohio, USA, said, “We are continuously seeing blue light. But eye cornea and lenses cannot stop or reflect this light.”

“Blue light is damaging our eye retina and for this reason we are losing eye vision. Now a days it is not a secret news.”

Kasun Ratnayk, a doctorate student of the same university, said, “The photoreceptor cells of eyes are not renewed. When these are dead, that void is not fulfilled. ”

One of the main reasons for blindness in the United States is the separation of Macular. However, due to the separation of Macular, people are not completely blind, but their daily activities are hampered.

According to Karunarathne, “Retinal toxicity is universal through blue light. This light can kill any type of cell. ”

According to a research report published in a journal called Scientific Reports, researchers found that when they enter blue light into the body cancer cells, heart cells and neurons, they also died due to melanism with retinal toxicity. Retinal without blue light or blue light without retinal there is no effect on any cells.

The researchers advised to wear glasses that prevent ultraviolet radiation and blue light to protect eyesight and not look at cell phones or tablets in the dark. Also we have to stop using mobile phone and internet at the time of sleeping

Source: Xinhua

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