Cambridge Analytica is Shutting Down for Facebook Scandal

The election consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica is shutting down which was main culprit for Facebook data scandal. There is a complaint against the organization, during the United States presidential election they are handing over Facebook data for Trump.

After the Facebook Scandal incident was happened in March, the UK-based company was under pressure. They were strongly criticized around the world and several countries have begun investigations against Cambridge Analytica. In view of this, authorities closed its activities on Wednesday and declared bankruptcy in the United States and the United States.

Cambridge Analytica said, after the March, their customers are decreasing. So, Running the business will not be fruitful.

The company was accused of collecting illegally personal information from the Facebook. Their customer is decreasing day by day and criticize all around. According to a statement of the company, they will not run the business. However, the company has denied accusations of illegally collection of Facebook data.

The Company argue about the collection of Facebook data, they have taken information from Facebook by maintaining legal obligations.

The debate started in the media of the United Kingdom and the United States. The report published in The New York Times said, in 2016, the US presidential election was influenced American citizens for voting by Cambridge Analytica. In this case, information obtained from Facebook’s billions of user’s profiles was used.

Facebook has allowed the use of “ThisisYourDigitalLife” application made by Alexander Kogan, professor of psychology at the University of Cambridge. From this app, the professor gets the opportunity to get information from users. The app mainly runs a personality test. But Facebook users who used to download this app also allowed Alexander Cogan to take their own information. The professor knew about the location of users, their friends, and the posts they would like to ‘like’.

At that time, the program was approved in the Facebook policy. Cogan gave the users information to Cambridge Analytica. He did this by breaking the Facebook policy. More than eight million Facebook users are affected in this way. At that time, They were trying to innovate technology that could influence voters.
But Facebook authorities claim that they told them to delete all those information in 2015.

In a statement on Wednesday, Facebook said that the shutting down of Cambridge Analytica is not meant to, the investigation is stopped. They will continue the investigation to know everything about this incident.

According to Facebook, Cambridge Analytica has stolen nearly 87 million Facebook user data through. There has been a storm of criticism about Facebook’s privacy in this incident.

Investigation started against Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to appear in the US Congress. Immediately after the incident, Cambridge Analytica dismissed their executive Alexander Nix. There were so many complaints against him. Even he has revealed the secret strategy of Cambridge Analytica. After that the information came in front of public. But These allegations were denied by Cambridge Analytica.
Cambridge Analytica Started their journey in 2013. Due to so many accusations, their journey is closed within 5 years.

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