Content Marketing: 12 Killer Tips for Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential part of any business. Most people think that content is a key part of the marketing strategy, but it is also important to set up yourself for the best position in the industry for quality content marketing.

Let us discuss what we should follow for content marketing:

1. Try to Find Topics from Your Email Inbox:

When a business goes on, the entrepreneur of that business is constantly faced with various questions, comments, and interrogations. Some of them are same. Here is a chance for your own business, when you notice that your clients and customers are asking similar question, then convert those topics to a blog post.

Keep them covered in FAQs (Frequently asked questions), it will make your company even more interesting. Try to give valuable information to consumers, and show that you have more headaches about customer than your business needs and worries.

2. Add video to your post:

Video is another key strategy for content marketing. Audiences will be more engaged in your posts through video, because videos are an essential thing to enjoy content.

3. Set Specific Time for Different Offers:

 Where so many companies are offering consumers a lot of benefits through e-mail signup or blog subscription, there are very few who have set a specific time for an offer.

Keep pace with the time, if you invite people through podcast, webinar, video conference etc. and you can create a strong relation through them, it will be thousands time more profitable than your email subscriptions.

4. Promote Your Content First:

When a company designs a product, the first condition is that first they have to sure that the product has the demand in the market or not. If not, then making and marketing of the product will be a huge loss of time and money. Believe it or not, the content is the same as the case.

For effective content marketing you need to think before content development. How do you do marketing. If you cannot make a position after come to the market, then your hard work is worthless.

5. Learn about your targeted audience:

Content Marketing is a world where you have to think everything by itself. If you do not know about your audience, it will be difficult to create content for them, and finding targeted audiences for your business or product will be almost impossible. For this, you need to monitor some time with the help of Google Analytic or such tools, who are really concerned about your content.

You need to check out about these people, where they live in, how old they are, what they like to buy, etc. So, you can give different types of content for each sector’s audience. “One-size-fits-all” type of content is very less effective for business.

Track Your Audience Then Create Content
Track Your Audience Then Create Content

6. Create a Who-To-Follow List:

People know that you are expert enough in your field. But when you create content by referring to other boss level people in the Same field, people would not mind that you did not just come for marketing but instead gave other resources to stand beside them. By doing this, you are able to become a more trustworthy to everyone.

This will give you two benefits through this work. Firstly, you will be admired as a credible information store for consumers. Secondly, whose you refer with links, they will also come to you with a positive idea. Because you are giving them traffic, and they will try to give back your favor by their work. Even from them, you will also get the possibility of getting traffic.

The biggest beneficial aspect of business expansion is to create a good relationship between others in the same industry.

7. Optimize URL of The Blog:

It is a simple step. But it is convenient for users and magic sticks for you. Before posting any of the post to blog, optimize its URL and give your keyword related URL. You will get the benefit of it in ranking. This method presents your post URL as easy and easy to share. And there are many people in who click after checking the URL.

8. Give 50/50 Priority to Both Text and Visual Content:

Content Marketing Research provides evidence that text content with image is a few times more effective than separate text content or separate image content. That’s why infographic works effectively.

If you create content with image, you can consistently give good content on one hand, others hand you can provide quality content to the customers.


9. Give Importance on Social Media Marketing:

A survey of social media says that currently consumers spend 23% of the total time online. If you make your content social media optimize, you can post your content in Facebook and Twitter. In that case, a new opportunity will be created to spread your content in the internet more.

Post a good informative video on Facebook or make an effective infographic and post it to Twitter.

Content Marketing Circle
Content Marketing Circle

10. Always Look Forward to Evergreen Content:

Those who know about content marketing, they must have heard Evergreen content. Ever Green content means those type content which does not basically measure time. You can share the content you have shared today without further correction even after five years. Evergreen content is more shared than the temporary post.

Example of Evergreen Post: How to Keep Your Personal Information Safe in Social Media?

Example of Temporary Post: Top 10 Smartphones of 2018

11. Guest Blogging:

You can write in different blog as a guest who allows guest posting. Write about your new content topics so that people can know about your new content. And also, you can invite people to post your blog.

12. Try to Be Unique:

Don’t copy others. Just one thing keeps your mind that if you copy some one rules, you can also go to his/her same level. But if you want to do business in the market, you have to top them. Then you will be considered as successful person. So, give some time and think very deeply that which things make your content more special and unique among all.

Finally, we want to say, discover yourself, bring consistency and balance on content marketing in your own style, apply SEO and increase engagement.

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