Intel’s New Chief Executive May Be Diane Bryant?

The US chip maker company Intel is looking for the new chief executive officer (CEO). For the post, Google’s Cloud Division’s Chief Operating Officer (CEO) Diane Bryant is in first choice of the list. She has already moved from Google’s position. It is roasting that Diane is leaving Google to join Intel’s post.

According to Reuters, Diane has worked as an executive in Intel before coming to the Google Cloud Department. She was head of Data Center unit. In the year 2017, she joined as the CEO of the cloud department of Google’s parent organization, Alphabet Inc. Recently, when Intel’s new CEO searching is started, he left Google’s position.

Business Insider said in a report that after leaving Diane Bryant’s job, she was greeted with a statement from Google. Said in that statement, the authorities are grateful for her contribution to Google. Good luck for her in the next step.

After stepped down of CEO Brian Craignik in the last month, the company’s board of directors is thinking that it is possible to find internally as well as to hire somebody from outside. However, none of the top executives of Intel have ever been the CEO of the company.

The Intel Authority did not answer any question that Diane Bryant was being considered for the post.

Before leaving Intel, Bryant used to look after the section which was sell the chip to companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft. The company has more than half of the revenue generated by selling these chips that are useful to the data center.

Technology analysts say, Bob Swan, the financial officer of the company, is running the temporary CEO post. But he will not take full responsibility of CEO.

In an internal investigation of company last month, it is proved that Brian Craignik has been involved with the consent of a woman worker of the organization. He has to resign because of the incident.

The news agency Reuters report said that for breaking the organization’s policy Craignik had to leave the post. According to the company’s rules, a senior Intel official can’t get involved with colleagues. But CEO of the US technology firm Brian Craignik could not control himself.
After the resignation of Craignik, Intel chairman Andy Bryant said, “We have confidence in Swan’s capability. Till then we are looking for the next CEO.”


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