Express WiFi: Facebook Is Testing Express WiFi Service for Internet

Express WiFi is a new project of Facebook. More than 380 million people in the world are still out of the internet. Currently, more than 220 million people are using Facebook. To increasing Facebook users, more and more people will be brought under the facility of Internet.

But it is quite difficult to bring rural areas under the Internet. Facebook authorities are planning to bring under privileged areas under the Internet in various ways. Currently, their plans to provide Wi-Fi services by contracting manufacturers and mobile operators. According to BBC, express WiFi has already completed it experiment period over a local state and about 125 rural Wi-Fi hotspots.

Facebook’s recent blog post says that they updated the express Wi-Fi plans. Express WiFi is to establish hotspots and Wi-Fi networks in areas where there is less Internet connection. Recently, Facebook has informed their latest update of this work plan. The organization says that they are building a software in Boston, which allows it to expand the network of Wi-Fi networks more easily. They are also working with a new routing framework in California headquarters. So, Customers will get large-scale Wi-Fi network.

On Wednesday, Facebook’s Wireless System Engineer Vish Ponnampalam wrote in a blog post: “Our team has made easy-to-network management software, which can be added to the mesh Wi-Fi network. It will work in the new routing framework. It will remain in 50 or more access points.”

The Wireless Mesh Network or WMN is widely used for communication or communication networks also used as radio nodes. Mesh is an advanced communication technology in a device or node.

Facebook is currently running a test Wi-Fi networking program in Tanzania. Apart from this, the Facebook team is testing for Express WiFi in Dubai, Israel and Ireland.

Ponnampalam said, “The technology we are working with will exceed the potential Wi-Fi network.”

With the express WiFi initiative, internet access from public hotspot is being started in five countries at the beginning. The countries are India, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Indonesia.

Facebook authorities say they are creating the internet access easy. For this reason, people will get fast internet services at low cost. Their initiative to provide internet opportunities to 380 million people worldwide.

Before, Facebook planned to offer Internet access around the world through Aquila’s solar powered drone. After that, they changed their decision and move away from the plan. Then, according to a separate plan Facebook authority informed they will provide Internet access via satellite. At present, Facebook project is providing internet facility through the express WiFi.

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