Facebook Threats the Media That Their Place Will Be “Hospice”

The “digital dictator” Facebook has been accused against of threatening the media. Campbell Brown, the global head of the news partnership group of the organization, threatened that the media would have to fall in sick condition if they do not hold the hand of Facebook.

She threatened to media persons when meet with a group of Australian media executives, broadcasters and publishers. Campbell told the newspaper executives that Facebook will finish their business. Their place will be in hospice.

Facebook has no own content. They does not pay any taxes in many countries. But Facebook and Google have kept a huge portion of the online advertising market.

Campbell Brown said Face book CEO Mark Zuckerberg do not give any importance to news publishers.

The Australian said in a report that meeting with Brown was held more than four hours.

From authorities of Face book Australia and New Zealand’s head of communications Antonia Sanda gave a separate statement when the media started discussions about the threat of the Facebook news head Campbell Brown. It has been said that media did not highlight the statement of the news head in right context.

MS Brown, formerly a CNN anchor, told Business Insider, “This news are simply not accurate and these do not reflect the discussion we had in the meeting.

She said, ‘We will help to revitalize journalism. The reverse scene will be seen in a few years. We are holding hands with your sick business. ‘

However, four people present at the meeting who confirmed the source remarks.

The Facebook authorities are facing criticism because they are not taking proper steps to prevent false news. Now they say, it is not their duty to stop the false news.

Brown said, “We know we have a lot to do. Our goal on Facebook is that our team is working with many publishers and reporter in the world and we are working on our platform and beyond to help journalism succeed and revive. A new goal has been fixed and discussion has been made to create sustainable business models.”

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