Fitness Tracker Watch Is Coming to Measure Your Mental Stress

Now Fitness tracker watch is known to all of us. How much you are walking every day, what is the amount of calories burned by you, how much is your heart beat these things will be known by the device similar as watch which tied in the wrists. However, this fitness tracker can now measure your stress.

Initially, fitness tracker was able to do only some simple tasks. But now researchers have been able to work with a lot of information to improve it. Now the device can also measure the level of stress by gathering various types of information.

We know hormones control our mental condition. Because of hormones we get angry, or laugh, regret or assuming. We never thought of all these things we could measure. But from now it is no longer impossible.

Researchers at the US-based Stanford University have recently invented the new fitness tracker, which can measure the levels of the cortisol hormone of a person. And this hormone is one of the ways of measuring the human mental pressure. For this reason, it is also called stress or mental pressure or anxiety hormone. Those who live in stress regularly have higher levels of cortisol hormone.

At present, the method of measuring the levels of cortisol hormone is quite difficult. It has to be evaluated in laboratory by working a few days. But the technology used in the newly invented fitness tracker is relatively easy. For this reason, the researchers created a wearable device similar as watch or wrist band. It will determine the level of cortisol by testing sweat. And it will be immediately informed the users.

A leading author of the research paper and post-doctoral scholar of Stanford University Anuar Perlak said, “We are actually interested in research on the technology of finding sweat. Because it is reliable and it is constantly responsible for various physical matters.”

Researchers are still working on the development of this technology. That is why it is not available right now for all the people. However, Researcher said, “Due to the demand of such technology, it will come soon to the hand of general public.”

Source: Ubergizmo

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