Flickr New Journey: Flickr Bought by SmugMug | Effect of Yahoo Breakup

Flickr is the popular service of Yahoo! photo and video hosting. Picture management platform SmugMug is buying this service. On Friday, the SmugMug said they agreed to buy Flickr. Flickr’s journey began in 2004, which Yahoo bought in 2005. After that, it continues under Yahoo.

While Flickr went far ahead of Yahoo!, Yahoo itself has sold last year, the future of Flicker was very much in oscillation.

Although sold, Flickr and SmugMug will operate in different names. However, current Flicker users must agree to the SmugMug policy and the conditions. They did not disclose any information about how much money would be spent to buy Flicker.

Like the Flicker, the SmugMug also give the opportunity to save and exchange pictures online. But, SmugMug is a paid image sharing and hosting service. That’s why they are not well renowned as Flickr. Flicker users had the opportunity to reserve and exchange one terabyte of photos and videos online free of cost.

Although SmugMug bought Flicker but it will not change Flicker branding. That means, it will run on the name of its own. SmugMug’s Chief Executive Don MacAskill said in a statement, “The entire photography community will be strengthened if the SmugMug and Flickr together. They can communicate more with each other. Photography can be stored as a global language for storytelling.”

The Flicker authority acknowledged the matter in an e-mail, they are thrilled to announce that SmugMug known as visual storyteller authorities are buying Flicker. Those who have Flicker accounts, there will be no immediate changes. With the current ID password, they can access it. But, they are working to give more advanced experience to the users. Now all the information of Flicker will go to SmugMug.

Those who want to remove the Flicker account, they will get time till May 25. Last year, Verizon bought Yahoo’s original business for $ 448 million US dollars. In the deal, there was also Flickr among Yahoo’s other resources. Source: [REUTERS]

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