Google Chrome Browser is 10 Years Old Now With New Features

There are a lot of changes in a decade. Google Chrome user has seen a lot of changes in it too.  10 years ago, on September 2, Google released its Chrome browser first. The browser is released in market as a new addition to the browser.

Initially, it was introduced as a beta app on Windows platform. Later in 2009 it was launched in Linux and MacOS. Google started the browser, when developers and internet users were frustrated with Internet Explorer browser. At that time the Firefox browser started to become popular.

Google uses the toolkit of Apple WebKit rendering engine and Mozilla Firefox toolkit to create their own browsers. Under the Chromium project, Chrome’s source code is kept open for everyone. Google emphasis on web standards and HTML 5. While Microsoft was struggling with the value of the Web in the Internet Explorer Browser, Google’s action was proved effective.

Another concept of the first version of Google Chrome was the creation of a single ‘Sandboxing’ tab, if one tab is crashed, there is no problem with the other tabs. This increases the speed and stability of the Chrome browser. In addition to Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, Google is working to make the web more advanced.

After a decade Google Chrome is reigning in the web browser world. The browser has occupied nearly 60 percent of the desktop market. Google Chrome engineers are still working to improve their features according to the updated Web standards.

Now Google Chrome is not only considered as a browser. It is considered as a platform that supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and even iOS platforms.

Chrome OS has Chrome in the center. Chrome OS is Google’s lightweight operating system, which is used on laptops and tablet computers. Although Chrome OS is not quite ready for tablets, Google Chrome OS gives you the opportunity to use Android apps. In future, the Linux app will be available in Chrome OS.

Google has not changed the design of Chrome for a long time. But soon an updated design named Material Design Refresh is going to be included to it.

10 years ago, just starting as a browser, the future of chrome will be a very effective platform, experts say. But due to the dominance of web developers, it is also worried that its future can be stand like Internet Explorer 6.

Google engineers are moving it forward by developing more and more. For this reason, pressure is increasing on other browser makers. To catch Google Chrome, they have to do more and more hard work. If it develops as a browser platform within a decade, then it is expected that further big evolution will occur in the next decade.

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