Google Search Algorithm Strategy. How Search Engine Works?

Google search algorithm consists with various factors. Some factors are totally secret which Google hide from us. But the main steps are familiar to us. Just we have to analyses the Google search algorithm step by step.

Although Googles correct algorithm is confidential, SEO experts have found a number of different strategy to ranking a website in Google first page.

Today we will discuss about some of Google search algorithm strategy.

A search engine refers to a specific program that displays users by creating a classified list of saved documents or documents based on a specific word or keyword. By the search algorithm the search engine helps you to find the information you want. There are 3 billion pages in the Google database. And day by day its increasing.
To keep these huge data, Google uses thousands of computers and use parallel searches for data searching. Google use different types of robots for data searching operation. Google bot is one kind of software that Google uses for this kind of search operation. The Google bot software shows us by checking the information through various algorithms such as uniqueness of content, how many backlinks, how informative the page is etc.

For Search Engine Optimization, it is very important to know how search engine works. There are 3 steps of Google search algorithm:

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Display Results


Crawling is the first step of google search algorithm. Search engine work begins with crawling. A complete list of websites is created through crawling. Spider or Robot lists web pages titles, pictures, keywords, and other webpage links. Modern crawlers hold the entire webpage in their cache memory. Besides, they also emphasize on some additional issues.
Such as page layouts, advertising places, where links have been used, whether in the article or in the footer invisibly etc. Crawler constantly scans the website and automatically updates any changes made to it automatically. Crawling depends on the site’s update rate, robot text file structure etc.


Indexing is the second step of Google search algorithm. It is the process of saving data stored in the specified database in crawling.

Just think, you have made a list of all your books, how many pages and who are their authors and so on. To make a list of each book you have to read every book. And thats name crawling.
And when you write the list of those books, its called indexing.

These data are stored in Googles big data center where thousands peta byte data are stored.

Display Results:

This is the final step of google search algorithm. Reserved results show relevant results according to user search terms.

This step of google search algorithm is extremely complex but it is most important for web developers and search engine users. Difference between two search engines is their result showing strategy.

Each search engine has different algorithms for the ranking, which keeps every search engine hidden. Google search algorithm is very complicated from other search engine algorithm. Google has ranked a site considering on about 200 above topic.


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