Hacking: How to Keep Safe Yourself from Hacker?

Now a days hacking is a serious problem. In this science and technology era, nobody is safe from hacker. Many organizations, famous celebrity’s social accounts, even websites of government organizations are becoming hacked. But it is possible to stop hacking if you are a little bit careful.

There are some easy steps to keep safe from hacking. Let’s know about those ways:

1. Be Careful About Password: Many people cannot remember multiple passwords. But, it is not safe to use the same password in all accounts. Main reason of hacking is weak password. Which websites or account contains sensitive information, use long and complicated password in those accounts. Make the password complicated by letter, character and number combination. Change your password at least once every six months.

Many times, we save password to avoid the hassle of typing the password again and again. Someone else wants to use your smartphone or computer. For the sake of courtesy, you have to give access them. But you forgot to log out. In such a situation, you can lose the security of your account. So, it’s a smart job to not save passwords.

2. Two-factor authentication / Two-Step Verification: Now it’s not okay to think of yourself safe just by password. Often the complicated password are victims of hacking.From Facebook account to bank account, you can turn on two-step verification options everywhere. If this option is turned on, there will be a code by message in your mobile every time you log in to your account.

You will not be able to log in without the code. The advantage of running this option is that, if the hacker knows your password, he will not be able to access the account without the code coming to your mobile. So, you will be safe from hacking your account.

3. Save Your Personal Information: It is better not to disclose all information through social communication. You can create hacking risk of your own account by giving your personal information.

For example, if your phone number or email ID is given on Facebook, it will be easier for hackers to get into your account. So, be careful about personal information.

4. Software Update: Always try to keep your smartphone up to date. If hackers find a scam in the phone’s software, then phone company will stop the path through new software updates. Not only for smartphones, it is very important to keep the computer also updated.

Many people dislike updates on Windows or Mac operating systems. They feel that it is an unnecessary waste of time. But these updates help to keep your computer secure. So, keep your computer updated.

5. App Install: Be aware of installing apps. Android users are at greater risk of hacking. The main reason is the third-party app. These apps ask for some permissions when installing. To install the app quickly, before you press the Next button please read what’s you permit. Many times, we install app from outside the Play Store. This can be a risk factor of hacking. So, installing app from the Play Store is safe.

6. Wi-Fi Setup: Do not use the default password when setup Wi-Fi. In the case of security encryption, please select WPA-2. In most routers Wired Equivalent Privacy (WP) or Wireless Protected Access (WPA) is provided by default. Delete this encryption any cost and select your own.

7. Don’t Hide SSID: During your home router set up you are asked, ‘Hide the SSID? If you select ‘yes’ to hide your Wi-Fi, then your mobile phone or laptops actively scanning to find the home network. Even if you get the connection, your device continues to scan for getting the network all the time.

Ben Smith, a Wi-Fi hacker of government secret project from USA said, “When you think of security, you surrender yourself to five years old technology by hiding the SSTD.“

8. Free Wi-Fi: If you have a Wi-Fi connection without password, please avoid from connecting. Along with the free Wi-Fi connection, many information on your phone goes away on the Wi-Fi Router. From there, your phone’s IP address will easily be found and hackers will be able to hacking your phone’s information.

9. Use App Lock: Lock apps with personal information through password. There are many personal information in social media apps. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Hackers may be around you. So be aware of your personal information. Your unconsciousness may be the reason of hacking.

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