High Speed Internet Connection Can Affect Your Sleep

High speed internet connection means many benefits. But there are many disadvantages of it. One of them is sleep disturbance. Due to high speed internet time limit of good sleep is decreased. Recently, one research of PTI showed that due to the high speed internet, sleeping time is decreasing day by day.

The research article has been published in the “Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization” magazine. Researchers at the University of Bocconi, Italy and the University of Petersburg of the United States of America studied the effect of high speed internet. They tried to find out the conflict between high-speed internet and sleep.

Researchers say that people under the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connection are sleeping at least 25 minutes less than connection outside people. DSL is a technology that provides high bandwidth internet access to home and small businesses.

Researchers say that due to the high speed internet, satisfaction of sleeping does not come. Due to job, business or family work in morning, people are suffering from shortage of time.

Bocconi University researcher Francesco Bellary said, “Usually, the scientists advised to sleep for seven to nine hours, but people with high speed Internet access were less sleeping than them and they were dissatisfied with their sleep. They use electronic devices more in the late night, so they get less time in the morning.

Researcher Bilari said that many people went to sleep late in the trap of digital attraction. But in the morning, they cannot be able to recover by more sleeping. For this reason, sleeping time is decreasing and mental stress is increasing.

By playing games on the computer, watch TV or watching video people waste their sleeping time. The victim peoples age in between 13 to 30 years old.

The internet has transformed into basic needs in modern life. And this internet is now becoming the enemy of sleep. So, we should be more careful about our daily health. The effect of high speed internet will suffer us long if we should not go to bed timely for sleeping properly.

Source: Bustle

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