How to Rank a Keyword Within One Week | Keyword Golden Ratio

How to rank a keyword within one week? Is it possible? What do you think? I think obviously it is possible. But how? Ok, any of you hear about keyword golden ratio? At first, I am discussing about keyword golden ratio or KGR.

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) means one type of keyword, which can be easily ranked in search engines without backlink within 8 to 10 days. Sometime, it takes less than one week. The KGR formula was first introduced by Doug Cunnington of the Niche Site Project. The formula is main theme of how to rank a keyword within one week.

In KGR formula, those keywords found, which does not have much content on the internet. So, writing articles on these keywords is very easy to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

Well, KGR Formula never guarantees 100 percent that writing articles on these keywords will rank your article. Google has 200 ranking factors. So, it will not be ranked only with the keywords.

But yes, by writing good quality articles with KGR key words, I found success in 85-90%. Here’s what I mean to say success is within 1 week of publishing the content, they ranked Google in 1 to 3 pages. After, following this you will be say how to rank a keyword is not a funny question.

Does all the KGR content rank? Of course not, but yes, 90 percent article had rank.

What are the good aspects of KGR?

  1. KGR Keyword is perfect for the new site. When a site is totally new, writing articles on high search volume keyword is really tough and time-consuming.
  2. Generally no backlinks are required to rank KGR content. Within a week of publishing articles, they rank in Google 1 to 3 page.
  3. It is hard to bring traffic to a new site. How to rank a keyword within one week, this question answer is very hard. As KGR ranks the content easily, it is also possible to get more traffic even on relatively new sites.
Keyword Golden Ratio Formula
Keyword Golden Ratio Formula

How to find the KGR keyword?

There is a formula for finding out the KGR keyword. This formula works like this:

  1. First you need to take a keyword that has monthly search volume 250 or less. More than 250 will not be acceptable. You can use any Keyword Research Tool. However, most people use Keywords Everywhere. Because, its data is most consistent with Google Keyword Planner.
  2. Then you have search in Google search box with this format: allintitle: ‘your keyword’. Suppose your keyword is top technology sites. Then you should write allintitle: top technology sites. After writing, you should check how many search results are coming.
  3. This is the final step. Now, you have to do a division following a formula. The formula will be:

(How many Search result coming with the search allintitle: ‘your keyword’)/ Keyword Monthly Search Volume

If the result is less than 0.25 or less, then your keyword will follow KGR formula.


Suppose I took a keyword “my keyword”.  When I have searched on google by typing my keyword, I found 2 result. And monthly average search volume of my keyword is 50. Now, Calculate the formula,

2/50 = 0.04, which is less than 0.25. So, this keyword follows KGR rules. If you write a good article about it, it is easy to rank the article.

Keep in mind If the KGR will less than 0.25, your content will must be present in top 100 results. If your result is between 0.25 to 1, you still ranking in top 250 results. So, now you all clear about how to rank a keyword within one week.


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