Huawei to Make Alternate Operating System to Android

Chinese smartphone company Huawei is being investigated in US on charges of stealing information from various US organizations. If there will be any bad situation happen, they may have to give up Google’s Android operating system. They have an alternative. They also Known as the world’s largest telecommunications maker.

The United States is investigating against Chinese smartphone maker Huawei Technologies since 2012. Recently, new investigation is started because they again break the restrictions. The United States Department of Justice has begun an investigation to find out whether the organization has exported IT products to Iran by disrupting US export restrictions.

Since then, the company started working on creating its own operating system. Because, imposing trade restrictions will stop the supply of equipment and software from US technological institutions, which will have a major impact on the company’s business.

Now they are using Android based EMUI OS in their handset. But they have already appointed several experienced officials to create a complete new operating system.

Huawei can leave Android operating system and run its own operating system – such rumor is rise. This information was reported in the South China Morning Post. The report said when investigating against Huawei and another Chinese company ZTE began in the United States 2012 then they started developing their own software. Currently the company has its own software for tabs and PC.

Media reports said that the United States House Intelligence Committee investigates the year-long period, accusing Huawei and ZTE of collecting important information from US institutions.

According to Gartner, market research firm, Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iOS now have 99.9 percent of the smartphone operating system.

Smartphone makers such as BlackBerry and Nokia did not compete with Android and iOS with its own operating system before, while Huawei’s decision was considered risky. If they use their own OS on the device, the app will be reduced for customers, which can cause business loss.

Google has increased control over Android OS in the past few years. As a result, Huawei’s Android-based device production is being interrupted. However, it is believed that the company will not have any restrictions on its own operating system.

The South China Morning Post report said Huawei started operating their own operating system under Huawei’s founder, Ren Zhengfei. They have taken it as a planned investment, which can be used in the worst conditions. They did not move away from their own operating system.

However, the operating system of Huawei has never been released. Because, it did not reach quality standards like Android or there are notable apps in it.
Huawei is increasingly dominating the global smartphone market. The new operating system is expected to not affect the business of the company. Their plan depends on the company’s trade relationship with the US with the new operating system.

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