iOS 12: Upcoming Features in Apples New Operating System

Apple has brought the new operating system iOS 12 in iPhone, iPad and iPod. Some of the features of iOS 12 have been matched with some specifications leaked earlier. But Apple has tried to redecorate the operating system. Some of the features that is very useful for user has been added to new operating system.

On Monday night, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook announced its new operating system at Apple’s annual developer conference at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in California.

At that time, he said that 95 percent users are happy using the iOS operating system. New updates are available on Apple devices with less time. After the latest iOS 11 release, it was installed on more than half the user’s device in just 7 weeks. Where android new version installation was only 6 percent.

Take a glance to see what’s new on iOS 12:


Remember Samsung Galaxy S9 AR Emoji? By which, users could create cartoon characters or emoji as their own. Apple has bought a similar feature. Using the feature called ‘Mimoji’, users can create a 3D cartoon or emoji themselves. Then they can attach audio with Mimoji and can be sent to the iMessage.


Apple is going through a tough competition in the virtual assistant market. Because Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana are constantly getting stronger. So, Apple is trying to make Siri strong in iOS 12.

Tim Cook told in WWDC that there are more than 10 billion requests in Siri to find out various information and work. So, there are new features has been added to the new Siri. Which is capable of offering various suggestions on user types and needs.

Suppose you have habit of drinking coffee every morning after raising. Siri will remind you in the morning. Siri will give suggestions according to the type of user’s work every moment.

Another interesting feature of the Siri is shortcuts. This feature allows users to save customized commands in the Siri. Siri will work according to the customized command.

Suppose, you want to listen music in home pod and want to turn AC and light on. Different voice commands have to be given to launch each program in Siri. But if you want you can choose a voice command and decide what will work in it. As a result, only a voice command will do many things.

FaceTime Group Chat:

Group calling feature has been added to Apple’s popular video calling service FaceTime in iOS 12. As a result, you can make video calls with up to 32 friends. The pictures of all the friends connected to the video call will be displayed in small sizes. The picture of the friend who speaks will be displayed large only on the screen. Also, you can see the picture of any friend by tapping the time of the video call. But the most exciting feature is that, at the time of the video call Animoji can be used.

Don’t Disturb Mode:

Suppose you have your office meeting every Saturday at 2pm. If someone makes a call at that time, then the sound of the ringtone will put you in embarrassing situations. So, before reaching each meeting, the volume of the phone has to be reduced. But suddenly one day you forgot to reduce the volume. Then there will be a trouble.

For these types of users Don’t Disturb Mode is very useful. Reduce the device ringtone or silent, notification off and different mode selection can be done specific time and date wise. Automatically Don’t Disturb Mode will be turned on exact time.

Screen Time:

It is difficult to know how the time will passed when you sit with the phone in hand. It costs a lot of valuable time. So, Apple has brought a feature in iOS 12 to look at the time when you are using the device. The screen time application tells the user how long an app is used, which app has used more time, when the device is more used, and give reports to the user. As a result, users will be aware of the time.

App Limit:

There is a feature to determine how often an app is used in iOS 12. If you think you are spending more time in the Facebook app, then you can set how much time daily you want to use. If you use the app more than the specified time, you will be notified.

Group Notification:

Lock screen phone notification will appear in the form of group in iOS 12. That means all the Facebook notifications can be viewed by group in a lock screen notification. If you do not want to get an app notification, it can be turn off from the lock screen.

Apple Books:

Apple has brought book reading apps iBooks with new features in iOS 12. The app name iBooks has been changed and renamed it to Apple Books. Many changes have been brought to the design. Reading Now, new bookstore and improved search features are added to the app. Also, the audio book will be available.

Besides, News, Stocks, Voice Memos App has been brought to iOS 12. The final iOS 12 software with new iPhones will be available on September. On June 25 iOS 12 public beta was launched.

Source: techradar

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