Tracking: Lawsuit Against Google for Tracking Phones Location

Google always tracking your location. There is no benefit if you turn off your smartphone’s location tracking feature. Google can still track your location.

Recently in California, a person filed a lawsuit in federal court of on Monday, 13 August, against search engine giant Google in this regard. His complaint is that, after closing location history settings, Google continues to track the location of smartphone users. Which is a privacy violation. The case was filed on Friday as a class-action suit, so that the millions of iPhone and Android users of the United States have been accused Google of breaking the privacy. The plaintiff was Napoleon Patacsil of San Diego.

The person’s accusation, Google says, if you will start certain settings for their operating system and apps tracking will stop. But this is totally false. The complaint filed in San Francisco federal court. He alleged Google for intentional violations of California privacy laws and interfere into peoples private affairs.

The Google authority did not respond immediately on Monday about the complaint and the case. Napoleon Patacsil alleged that Google illegally tracked him on his Android phone and later on his iPhone through some Google apps which he downloaded.

However, after the complaint, Google, owned by Alphabet company, has changed its support page. It states that after closing the location history does not affect other location services on the device, such as Google Location Service or Find My Device.

According to the Support Page information, Google uses tracking service for maps or other services like Search. Earlier on Google’s page it was said that if you stopped the location history Google did not track the user where they go.
The non-profit organization, called Electronic Privacy Information Center, says they have written a letter to Federal Trade Commission of USA to investigate whether Google break its rule or not.

The case No. is 18-05062, Patacsil v Google Inc, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California.

Google Location Services is a system which is closed and it is a service that is a part of some Android Google’s location-based apps. In android it is impossible to uninstall or disabled those apps because they are built in.

To tracking users location, the location services collect data from multiple sources. Such as GPS hardware, Wi-Fi connection and cellular network tower position. By using all these data, Google can make a map of users phone and user location. Which is used for location tracking.

Source: Reuters

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