PDS 70b: Astronomers Find A New Planet in Galaxy

PDS 70b a baby planet is being birth. With the help of planet explorer, astronomers have found evidence of the birth of a new planet in our galaxy. They could also capture a picture of this planet. They told that the picture is 100 percent reliable. However, the PDS 70b planet is still at the ‘infant’ level.

German scientist Miriam Kepler said they found the sign of a new planet many times ago. But they did not realize they could see the planet in dust storm.

Scientists publish the picture and said that on the right side of the black circle which is a bright circle shows in the picture is the new born planet. They also said the black circle in the middle of the picture is called coronagraph. This screen prevents the light from coming to the center of the planet. Now it is not possible to take pictures of the planet without the screen.

Gas and other gaseous substances are seen around the planet. Researchers are trying to know exactly how much time it can take for the planet to develop by using various tools. The name of the planet is PDS 70b.

Scientists said that day by day an orbit is being made around the planet. Gradually, this new born baby collecting necessary objects from the ring zone around it and enriching itself so that at one stage it can get the form of a planet full.

Using the massive telescope of the European Southern Observatory in Chili, the group of international astronomers found the planet PDS 70b.

On Monday, the Astronomy and Astrophysics Journal announced the innovation in two stages. Andy Muller, a researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Germany said the new PDS 70b planet opened many ways of our learning.

As far as it is known, the top surface of the PDS 70b planet is currently 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit. Its mass will be a few times more than the Jupiter of our solar system. The distance from the Uranus to the Sun is almost the same. Its orbit radius is 3 billion kilometers approximately.

Source: The CNN

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