RCS Messaging is Coming Soon in Replacement of Android Message

RCS Messaging which is known as Rich Communication Service is coming very soon in android smartphone. iPhone users were go ahead. Why Android users will be behind? The huge change is coming in android messaging. Android brings instant chatting app which called RCS Messaging Instead of Message app. The main name of this app will be CHAT.

Not only name change, this change will now allow you to send advanced images and longer messages with this app. When the new service is launched, it will be default messaging apps of Android smartphones.

It is the direct effort of web giant Google to compete with Apples iMessage, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The service is going to be started by 2019. [Source: The Verge]

There will be no word limit on message when RCS messaging will start in Android. In the current Android messaging, 160 characters are allowed to sent per message. There is no option to add images, videos or any other multimedia files. The new RCS messaging app CHAT can send messages of unlimited characters, images or video as like as iMessage or Messenger. But in RCS messaging CHAT app will send a message using the Internet connection instead of the mobile network.

Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC and some other companies are registered with RCS. The RCS messaging will work in those companies smartphone which are registered with RCS.

Now, if the message is sent from the RCS registered smartphone but what will happen if the smartphone where message will send is not registered with RCS? On other smartphones, such messages will be accepted on the basis of general SMS.

Apple still did not bring RCS messaging. So, this type of message option will not be available in iPhone.

Now the question is whether the RCS will be able to provide security like the iPhone’s iMessage. Because Google did not use ‘end-to-end encryption’ in RCS Messaging which iMessage used. Whatever the case, the death of SMS has come to an end.

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