Siri in iPhone: Do You Know Who Is Siri? Whose Voice It Is?

Personal assistant service of smartphones is very much popular. The most popular assistant is undoubtedly the iPhones ‘Siri’. Everyone enjoys talking with this voice. He gives an intelligent answer. Someone ever thought, who is the ‘Siri’?

Siri’s voice has become quite popular. Many people enjoy talking with her. Of course, all the tasks that he does not care about. Of course, she doesn’t do every work very smoothly. In a 2013 CNN report, there was a voice artist, Susan Bennett. Her voice was given in the voice of Siri. But Susan did not understand that one time he would have to talk to 100 million people around the world.

The occurrence started in 2005. Earlier. She made an agreement with ScanSoft. She gives voice to a database, which will create quote. She has to read some specific phrases and sentences. ScanSoft breaks the sentence, creates vowels, consents, syllable and paragraphs. After practice the sentences were recorded in many ways. The level of the recording and the speed was thoroughly interpreted.

Method of pronouncing sound nicely is called ‘concatenation’. And this practicing way is the origin of Siri. After that, all the sentences turned into Siri’s voice. We hear that sound in a digital device like a G Pitch or a telephone.

Susan did not know that her voice would be used in Apple’s iPhone. But after hearing his voice in the iPhone he was surprised. At one stage he decided that he would express this voice. Actually, he did not realize that he was part of a huge empire of trade. She only became wealthy by the voice in iPhone. Many people think, Susan Bennet owns 5.5 million dollars.

Actually, a group of technicians in SRI International held in 2003 proposed to provide artificial intelligence on the phone. People will give voice command and phone will obey them. From these plans, the birth of Siri’s. Susan’s voice was used there.

Now, if you ask Siri, who are you? She will not tell these histories. But there are some types of replies that can be found. For example,
  1. I am Siri, your virtual assistant
  2. I am Siri, for help
  3. I am Siri, but I do not like to talk about myself
  4. I am a Siri, but it is enough to tell me how can I help you?

If you ask, Sir, where do you come from? She could say-

  1. I am Siri, designed by Apple, California.
  2. As told in the box, I am designed by Apple in California.

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