Top 10 Smartphones of 2018 at a Glance | The Best Handsets From Our Recommendation

Let’s take a look at the world’s top 10 smartphones in 2018. Last year, there were new design trends such as the Basel Display or the notch in the smartphone world. In addition to the dual camera feature Bokeh effect or background blurred also created very hype. In 2018, these features have a slightly improved look at phones.

1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus:
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is one of top 10 smartphones of 2018. Its specifications and features are much like as S9. The difference between S9 and S9 Plus is, it has a big display, big battery and dual camera setup for professional portrait photography.

The specification of Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus is as follows:

i) Snapdragon 845 (for US) / Xeon 9810 processor for other.

ii) 6.2-inch QHD (2960 x 1440p) Super AMOLED Screen.

iii) 6 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, MicroSD card slot.

iv) Android 8 Orio operating system.

v) 2 cameras back, 8 MP front camera.

vi) Variable aperture, 960 frames / second Super Slow-Motion Video

vii) IP 68 Water Resistance, Dolby Atoms Sound

viii) Bluetooth 5.0, AR emoji, headphone jack

ix) Fingerprint scanner below the back camera (but not on the screen!)

x) 3500 mAh battery, dual sim and 4G

2. Samsung Galaxy S9:

Everyone has a different interest in Samsung’s flagship. Galaxy S9 is one of top 10 smartphones of 2018. It used their Infinity display just like the Galaxy S8. One of the most important features is its variable aperture camera which can take very good pictures in low light with the facility of recording video in Super FW mode at 960 FPS. It offers 845 chipsets of Snapdragon and internal storage up to 128 GB.

3. Huawei P20 Pro:

Sorry iPhone fans. May be Huawei P20 Pro will grab the place of iPhone. Their P series is known as a camera phone. There is no difference in the P20 Pro. It does not have one or two, there are three rear cameras. With the Bezel less, notch stylish design and Snapdragon Powerful 845 System on Chip. It has also a light version known as P20.

4. iPhone 10:

Apple’s most hyped model iPhone X is at number four on the list of top 10 smartphones. iPhone 10 was released in the 10 years ceremony of Apple. This phone does not have the company’s traditional touch id fingerprint sensor. Instead of it, it has face recognition feature. Although it is bezel less phone, it has a notch for camera module above the screen. The phone is very fast with the 11 Bionic SOC of Apple with the original dual camera setup. But Apple has stopped production of iPhone 10 because of less demand.

5. iPhone 8 Plus:

One of the top three flagships of Apple is present in the top 10 smartphones list. That is the iPhone 8 plus. Near specification but small display iPhone 8 also with it. Glass body and Apple’s famous Crispy Retina display is used on the phone. Apple’s flagship processor 11 is in the phone and there is also dual camera setup for Professional Portrait photo.

6. Pixel 2 XL:

This phone specification is same as Pixel 2 which is released with Pixel 2 XL. This phone is on number 6 of the list of top 10 smartphones. It has 18: 9 ratios of comparatively bigger display and more powerful battery used. Google Pixel 2 XL has more advantages then Google pixel 2. It has low bezel 6-inch screen, 12.2 MP back and 8 MP front camera, Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM, 64 / 128GB storage, 3520 mAh battery etc.

7. Google Pixel 2:

As a part of Google’s hardware business, as well as software and service businesses, the Pixel Phone came to market in 2016. In the same sequence, next year comes Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Pixel 2 grab 7th place of the list of top 10 smartphones of 2018. The unique feature of Pixel 2 is that it can create an exceptionally stylish depth of field without the traditional dual camera. As a result, Bokeh effects are available in portrait mode. It also has Snapdragon 835 chipset with up to 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB storage options.

8. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s:

Renowned as Chinese Apple Xiaomi’s designer flagship Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is on number 8 of the list of top 10 smartphones of the year. Mi Mix series is more familiar for its bezel less design. The latest phone from this series is Mi Mix 2S. The ceramic body phone has the Qualcomm flagship mobile processor Snapdragon 845 with 64 and 128-GB variant phone has 6 GB RAM. It has also current flagship trend dual camera setup. Its unique feature is the use of artificial intelligence in the camera.

9. OnePlus 5T:

OnePlus’s latest phone OnePlus 5T is in number 9 of the list of top 10 smartphones of 2018. However, OnePlus 5T’s place will moved when OnePlus 6 will release. Snapdragon 835 Chipset is used in OnePlus 5T phone. Its highest variant has 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. For using the 18: 9 aspect ratio display, the fingerprint sensor has been brought under the dual camera module. This phone has received a lot of popularity due to the low price flagship phone.

10. Razer phone:

This Razer phone at number ten on the list of top 10 smartphones. Razer has made gaming notebooks and accessories so far, but now they also pay attention to the phone. Since the company works with gaming their phone is also gaming phone. The specialty of the device is its 120 Hz gaming display with stereo sound system. With Simple Solid Block Shape this phone has Snapdragon 835 System-On-Chip. It also has 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. Dual 12 MP camera setup has 4000 mAh battery. Razer phone screen and graphics are standard for any other phone.
The number of smartphones you can get online, do not match one another. Even in your own opinion, different rankings might come. So, every phone in the list is awesome.

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