Vivo 5G Phone | Vivo To Launch Worlds First 5G Phone By 2019?

The latest innovation in the field of mobile technology is the 5G network supported smartphone. A month ago, China technology company Oppo announced the development of 5G modem. Now, another Chinese smartphone maker Vivo claims that they have successfully tested 5G smartphones.

The Shenzhen based company confirmed that Vivo will bring a new smartphone to the NEX series, with 5G supported software and hardware. Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 modem will be used in it.

In a recent statement, Vivo said that the first step protocol and signal test for the NEX 5 has been successfully completed. This includes the Non-Stand Alone Architect (NSA) model, which support 3GPP with Release 15. Both LTE and New Radio can be used in this connection.

The 5 GNR was finalized in the first 3 GPP. 3GPP is the Third Generation Partnership Project. It consists of seven telecommunication standard development organizations. According to 3GPP standards, many 5GNR frequencies have been defined in a manner that is similar to LTE, in which operators will be able to apply LTE and 5G NR to the same frequency.

Vivo has said in a statement that they have completed the basic architectural plan on Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 modem. In addition to the 3D placement stacking, radio frequency antenna design and 5g suitable battery for fixing. More tests will be conducted in future with 5G infrastructure. They will launch the first batch of 5G phones commercially in 2019.

Vivo has always shocked smartphone lovers by brought the innovative technology into the smartphone market. World first smartphone which is equipped with Fingerprint sensor, Vivo NEX and Vivo X21 also a great innovation.

Vivo has officially launched V11 smartphone at 6th September in the market. It is expected that in the middle of September or first week of October they can bring the V11 Pro to the market.

V11 has 25 mega pixel front camera and two rear cameras, three cameras total. In V-11 Pro, there is also more in-display fingerprint scanning and full view display. Fast charging technology is available in V11 phones. The approximate price of V11 is around $ 360.56 and V11 Pro is around $ 410 US dollar.


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