WordPress Blog SEO: Best 5 Plugins for Amazing Result

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for WordPress Blog. To get a large number of visitors from search engines, this is definitely do for your blog.

It has to be done. We all know that WordPress is SEO Friendly, so we can get many visitors from our search engine on our blog by adopting some effective methods very easily.
For doing SEO properly you have to do both on-page and off-pages well. You can use some plugins to make your WordPress blog more SEO Friendly. Let’s take a look at the best 5 plugins for WordPress blog SEO:

1.WordPress SEO by Yoast:

WordPress SEO By Yost is one of the most popular plugins for doing SEO for WordPress Blog. Millions of webmasters use this plugin to optimize their WordPress blog. You can easily do almost all types of On Page SEO for your blog with this plugin. This plugin also useful for off-page SEO.

Some Important Features of WordPress SEO by Yoast:

i. Each post and page’s different meta description and meta keywords

ii. Fix focusing keyword

iii. XML Sitemap

iv. Social Integration

v. Page analytics

vi. Keyword Analysis

vii. RSS Optimization

viii. Create and edit robot text files

ix. Google, Bing, Yandex, Alexa and Pinterest Verify and many more benefits.

2. SEO Pressor:

SEO Pressor is the most popular premium WordPress SEO Plugin. This plugin has many features that will easily help your blog to rank in search engines. On-page SEO Is important, which you can easily do with this plugin. With this plugin you can raise your SEO score of all contents of your WordPress blog.

Some features of SEO pressor:

i. On-page SEO Advantage

ii. Advanced Off-Page SEO Features

iii. Keyword Analysis, Keyword Suggestions and Keyword Density checking

iv. Social media friendly

v. Image Optimization

vi. Smart Linking

vii. Rich Snippet Supported

3. All In One SEO Pack:

All in One SEO pack is another free SEO plugin that you can use on your blog safely. This plugin is automatically do the primary SEO optimization for your WordPress blog. There are also many other features of this plugin that will help your blog as SEO friendly.

Some Features of All In One SEO Pack:

i. Google Analytics Supported

ii. XML Sitemap

iii. Separate titles, meta description, and meta keywords for each page and post

iv. Social Optimized

v. Find out duplicate content

3. SEO Ultimate:

SEO Ultimate Another Popular WordPress SEO Plugin that you can use in free. You can easily do your WordPress blog’s SEO with this plugin. It can work to help you get a better rank in search engines.

Some Features of SEO Ultimate:

i. Title tag, meta description and meta keywords

ii. No-index feature

iii. OpenGraph Supported

iv. Slug feature

v. Canonical Ural Features

vi. Auto Linking

vii. SEO Widget

5. SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY:

SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY another popular SEO Plugin that basically helps you to write SEO Friendly content. With this plugin you can do all types of on-page SEO work.

Some Features of SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY:

i. Keywords and Content Analysis

ii. Free image feature

iii. Meta Description and Meta Keyword Options

iv. Image Optimization

There are various types of WordPress SEO Plugin. We discuss here only on 5 plugins which are essential and best all of them. You can use these plugins for better ranking of your WordPress Blog.

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