Xiaomi to Enter European Marketplace After Successful in Asia

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi is expanding operations in Western countries. The company has signed a contract with CK Hutchison to enter the UK and Europe market. In the last year, after the start of the Spanish market, Xiaomi received a positive response. Now the company will be able to sell smartphones with CK Hutchison in other markets in Europe.

News agency Reuters reported that Xiaomi will open three stores in the UK under the Telecom firm in CK Hutchison. Mi products will be sold from there. Besides, the Chinese company will sell smartphones in Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, through the three groups stores.

The Chief Digital Officer of the Three UK said, “We have been seeing Xiaomi’s success for a long time. The portfolio of various products of this company is very much fascinating.”

Xiaomi has worked in Asian market so long on aggressive marketing methods. They have a good control in the smartphone market in India and China. Now they have begun to try to catch Europe and Western markets.

In 2015, Xiaomi launched an online shop to sell various technology products in the European countries including the United States. But they did not sell the smartphone there.

In the past year, Xiaomi’s chairman Lei Jun indicated that they would start operations in Europe. He said that Xiaomi will come to the US market at the end of 2018 or early 2019. Mi is now selling the Android TV set-top box ‘Mi-TV’ in the United States. Besides, there is also an MI online store in the US market. But the success of the US market is dependent on law and mobile service providers organization.

US smartphone market will not be easy for the company to enter. Because they have to compete with the organizations like Apple and Samsung. Originally Apple and Samsung are now controlling the US smartphone market. Besides, there are opportunities to sell phones without having a contract with a carrier company in India. But the US market is operated on the basis of agreement with different carrier company such as AT&T and Verizon.

On the other hand, there are surveillance of US government organizations such as the CIA, FBI and the NSA on Chinese smartphone manufacturers. In the meantime, they warn about the use of Huawei’s smartphone. Xiaomi may have to deal with the same situation.

They have been developing various records since they started their business. Some time they broke their competitor record and some time they broke their own record. In the previous year their smartphone supply stands at near 3 million units.
Let’s see how Xiaomi adapts to the competition market now.

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