YouTube Is Becoming More Popular Than Facebook

The popularity of video streaming and sharing platform YouTube is growing. Because, People are now watching videos more. In the US market, YouTube has strong possibility to cross the popularity of Facebook. The market research firm Similar Web claims to have received this information in a study.

Researchers of the company say Facebook users are falling in the United States for two years. On the other hand, YouTube users are growing. The information was provided by a CNBC report.

Market researchers say Facebook is fighting to keep the second position as the most popular and largest website in the US. Currently, the top five websites in the US are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Amazon. According to monthly pageview, In the past two years, Facebook pageviews have come down from 850 crores to 470 crores. Though Facebook app user is growing, it is slightly smaller than the monthly pageview decreasing rate.

During the announcement of second quarter earnings last month, Facebook said that the number of active users in the North American market did not increase. Users in Europe have also dropped. When this information comes to public, Facebook’s share price drops to a great extent.

Similar web’s researcher Stephen Crouse said that, although Facebook users are decreasing but Facebook has resources like WhatsApp or Instagram in their hand. Now they see themselves not only as a Facebook, but also looks as a portfolio of different products.

YouTube is now operated under Google’s parent company Alphabet. Researchers say YouTube users have increased in web as well as YouTube app.

Yahoos position also become unsteady which is one of the top five website in US. Amazon may take Yahoo from the fourth position and occupy that position very soon. The e-commerce company has crossed Yahoo during the annual Prime Day program in December and in July of this year. In the next two or three months, Amazon can be fully crossed the popularity of Yahoo.

Micro blogging site Twitter showed some improvements. 24 percent of US adults use it, where in 2016, it was 21 percent.

In the age group of 18 to 24 years, Facebook’s competitor snapshot users are 78 percent, which is 54 percent in the 25 to 29 years old people.

Gadgets Now report blamed Facebook’s critical position as the reason for its decline in popularity. Recently, Facebook has lost some popularity after the data misuse scandal through Cambridge Analytica.

By counting numbers of user, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo or Amazon are very far from Google.  In July, Google’s pageviews exceeded 1,500 crores. Due to Google Apps and Voice Search, its pageviews have been reduced slightly. Where Google has a pageview of 1500 crores, there others have less than 500 crores pageviews.

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